H22 In A Second Gen Crx?..

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Is it possable to put a H22 motor.. in a second gen CRX? If so.. what is needed to do this kind of swap and is there any problem that happen with this swap? :rolleyes: I want to use this CRX for a daily driver.. during the week and to be able to spank the sh*t out of integra's/ect.. on the weekend! haha!!.. I have plans to put factory bmw 540i "angle-eye" Head Lights, and Integra RSX or Honda S-2000 taillights... also going to add a (carbon fiber)fiber image hood.. along with the spyderman body kit/ molded and shaved.. droped on skunk2 coilovers.. and almost ever thing made by skunk2.. thats my game plan!!

Tell me what u think.. and if this is possable ( the motor swap that is)..
Not completely sure, but i think HAsport makes a kit for the h22 into 2ng gen. The wiring will be hell, i would suggest getting a shop to do the swap if you have never done one. Also the h22 in a civic has understeer, but not nearly as bad as a crx would be with h22. This thing probly wont do U-turns. But if you wanna go fast one way then its possible.
:blink: how much will this motor hender the performance of the handling? and is it posible to get a car with such a swap to pass smog? :unsure: or is there a better motor mod that will give me the same affect?

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yes it's possible and it has been done before, but it is a bitch of a swap. you're gonna need mounts, and i'm not sure who makes them. you're gonna need a slip raditior fan or just hack the fuck out of the one that you already have cuz of clearance issues. then you gotta do some wiring for vtec and an obd0 to obd1 or obd2 (depending on what year h22 you get) conversion. and i don't know what to tell you for axles, but that's gonna be a bitch and a half also. and it will affect your handling... not really cuz of the weight like everybody says... but it throws off the weight distrabution by setting the engine soo low in order to be able to clear your hood. also say goodbye to power stearing and air conditioning (if you have them) cuz of clearance issues. i say it's a huge pain in the ass that's not worth it. if you're worried about dusting other imports, just get an ls and boost it, or mod out a ls/vtec with a obd0 b16a SiR head. and forget about all the rice mods (body kit, headlights and tail lights). good luck.
Originally posted by T0mMuNi$m@Jan 27 2003, 03:02 AM
Not completely sure, but i think HAsport makes a kit for the h22 into 2ng gen. The wiring will be hell, i would suggest getting a shop to do the swap if you have never done one. Also the h22 in a civic has understeer, but not nearly as bad as a crx would be with h22. This thing probly wont do U-turns. But if you wanna go fast one way then its possible.

i don't believe hasport makes mounts for a h22 into a crx.... or atleast they don't list them on their website. as for smog, it shouldn't be much of an issue... even in ca.

EDIT: i forgot to mention the hydro to cable tranny converstion in my first post in this thread.
i'm not sure how much of this you know, so don't be insulted if you know most/all of this. i'm just givin' you the run down on swapping engines. the ls engine is the b18a or b18b out of '90-'00 integra ls, gs, rs and se models. it is commonly refered to as the ls engine because it came in the integra LS... although it came in other model integra's the ls was the most common. you're gonna want the b18a because it is an obd0 engine, as which is your car. the year of the car determines the obd version. pre '92 cars are non-obd or obd0, '92-'95 cars are obd1 and '96+ cars are obd2. for simplicity of wiring when swapping an engine it is best to stay within the same obd with the car and engine. if you swap in an engine from a differant obd you'll have to backdate or update the electronics (ecu, injectors and distributer) as well as do a lot more wiring as the higher the obd the more sensors the engine has. another thing to think about when doing a swap is the tranny, it is also a good idea to stick with a cable clutch if that is what came in your car and vice versa for hydro trannys. as for the ls, there are a couple options for you to choose from... you can either leave the engine in stock form and turbocharge or supercharge it as it is a very boost friendly engine because of the low stock compression ratio, long gearing and very mild cams with pretty low overlap, all of which turbo/superchargers thrive on. the other route is to do a headswap with a b16a SiR which is a vtec head. you could choose other vtec heads, but the b16a SiR head is obd0 (others are obd1+) and is the easiest to get a hold of. this setup is commonly know as a ls/vtec because you are using the ls block with a vtec head. let me know if you have any other questions. by the way, if i was you, i'd go the turbo route.
hey!!.. thanks for the info... trying to get as much info as posable... if u have more info PLZ!! inform me.. cuz i can use as much info as posable.. like what is the best stuff to put on the LS and what would you suggest.. and still stuck on the SMOG question!! I live in CA. and how would i go about geting the car to pass? or will it pass with no problems at all? another thing is does skunk2 make awsome motor parts? :spin:

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as you know cali has the toughest smog laws and headswaps from other engines are not permitted, therefore the ls/vtec would not be legal. a stock ls should pass smog with no issues at all. but if you were turbo it, then you start running into problems, as far as i know, greddy makes the only carb certified turbo kit. so that kinda limits you to turbo choices if you're really worried about legality. it's not very though to find a place that you can pay off. but what you have to do if you swap in an engine to get it legalized is take it to the state reffaree (sp?) and have them certify it. so what you could do is swap in the ls, leave it stock (for now), take it to the ref, have him pass it, then swap your head or bolt on a turbo kit of your choice, then every few years when it comes time to get it smoged, go pay off somebody to pass it for you. it shouldn't be too difficult. but if you get caught street racing of if you piss off a cop and your car looks rice or something, he'll check under your hood, discover your goodies and you'll be fucked... you'll have to make your engine somewhat stock again and go back to the ref. and get your engine inspected again and start it all over again.
Sweet!!! all except for the cop part.. LMAO... so who is this ref guy anyway.. and back to the turbo... lol what is the best goodies to put on this LS.. can you make a list...? ( dont have too if you realy dont want too!) what do u think will make a sweet motor? :rolleyes:

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the state ref. is basicly what it sounds like, it's a california state run operation that inspects motors for use on california's public roadways. they test smog and visually inspect the engine to insure that everything is in place and where it should be. give me your budget and i'll tell you what i would do if i was you, as far as turbo parts.
from what i have herd, the inspection is not very hard to pass as long as the engine passes smog (which should not be a problem with the stock ls) and the engine has been installed properly.
Originally posted by SPYotic@Jan 27 2003, 04:18 AM
lets say there is no bugget in the long run!! B)

there really has to be a budget to say, you could drop 40g's into a honda engine. let me put it this way... there are basicly three stages:
1. bolt on turbo kit only; no internal modification done to the engine. $4,000.
2. turbo kit with light internal modification and hondata (piggyback engine management system)... ex: rods, pistons, blockgaurd. the mods will allow you to run more boost and therefore make more power. $7,000
3. balls out... turbo kit, stand alone engine management, resleeve the block, port & polish head, rods, pistons, turbo cams, springs, retainers, valves. $10,000 - $15,000.

there is much more to it than what i have listed, this is just a simplified list. and prices are estimated, let me know which one you would like and i'll give you much more detailed info. with a parts list.
Nuformz Block Gaurd: $149.95
Endyn Roller-Wave Pistons, get low compression pistons (8.5-9.0:1): $485.00
Piston Rings: $78.00
Eagle Rods: $365.00
Crower Turbo Cams: $401.98
Crower Dual-Springs & Retainers: $326.57
2 Crower Ajdustable Cam Gears: $253.96
Custom Turbo Kit from KS-Motorsports.com w/ Optional 3" Thermal R&D Cat-Back Exhaust System, when you order the kit, call them up and talk to kyle and get the garrett t3 60-1 turbo: $3878.00
Random Technology Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter, to go along with your 3" exhaust: $249.00
Quaife Limited Slip Differential, you're gonna need this to get all your new power to the ground :) : $850
TOTAL: $7,037.46

damn, that was a pretty good estimate. for the price of the turbo kit, it comes with hondata which is a fully tuneable piggyback engine management system.
Originally posted by kylemarhx@Jan 27 2003, 11:01 AM
they run about $500 or so a set.

$450 shipped,nice.