H22 on 97 EK problems help please!!

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Hey how is it going every one, Well i own a 1997 honda civic EK its a DX, i did a h22 swap by my self was a little tuff but it was done,everthing came right ,i bought the harness from a running ek with a H22, the H22 that i have is a OBD2 with a OBD1 distrubitor ,has OBD2 injectors,it was on a 93 honda accord it was runing perfect when we pull it out......so it came with a P28 chipped, so i bough the jumper harness and got it to fire up but when i t does the car sounds like crap like i would press the gas and it will only go to like 1500RPMS wont go any more......when i press the gas an leave it in the floor i can see fire coming out of the TB ,it kinda sounds like is misfiring but i change new plugs new distrubitor cap and i make sure the wires where in the right possion....i recheck all the plugs and connections to make sure its all connected but im running out of ideas....:-( any help would be nice thank you!
I would check make sure ignition timing is correct, also make sure your spark plug wires are in the correct order, ive wired them wrong before and it runs like shit an wouldnt go above 1200 rpm. Also check your tps voltage and make sure it is functioning properly and sending the correct signal to the ecu....and make sure the tps and map sensor plugs arent reversed very easy to do. Also are you running a jumper harness or something for the obd1 distributor and the p28 ???
I'm having this same problem. But I'm getting good spark. I've swapped a jdm h22a obd2 in mine. Fires up. Gets a little above 2k and bogs down. Check vacuum lines also. Good luck
i had this problem on my f20b on my ek, like they said check the vaccum lines and buy some carb cleaner at an autostore and spray it around your Intake manifold to see if you can find any leaks