H22 swap in eg


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Ok this is going to be complicated i can already tell.

Obd1 h22a automatic

in obd1 civic.

Engine in civic was a d15 auto, the engine i got is a h22 auto.

The p28 i was using on the d15 has built in transmission ecu.

The h22 tranny ecu is seperate. Where do i splice the h22 tranny ecu into?


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Why would you choose to do an H22 swap, is this your first swap? All I can recommend is doing a lot of searching. I had an interesting time enough doing my D15b swap as it was.


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You want to put an H22 into a Civic and keep it automatic? Has anybody even done that before? I've never seen it...


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Just go with a manual H22, you can use a regular H22 mount kit and do the standard auto to manual conversion at the pedals, cluster, etc... Screw the auto

robby j

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just gotta say........they're right. i can't imagine a 4 cylinder with anything but a standard gear box. if it were an auto, it'd hafta be a pretty freakin special auto!


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Why is eveyone saying no to his swap? He is only looking for input and advice.Id say figure out what you need for a h swap into eg/ej.Most conversion kits would be for a 5spd though.But that should only be one different mount on the trans shouldnt it,possibly a lower torque mount.Well anyways get the hasport mount kit and if you have to customize one mount i would say go for it.Wiring will probably be a pain in ass where the auto has shift solonoids and that.But the biggest problem will be wiring and the one trans mount.As as for eveyone hating the auto trans maybe your gf will drive it daily and she dosen't wanna stick.Maybe your the first to do it.That would be even better to have something different.Wish i was near by i would give it 100% im always up for this stuff.


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wow there is alot of work to that,can't find anyone with a b18c1/c5 complete swap or b16 for that matter to swap with you? It would save you a load of trouble.You are probably better off selling what you got to save yourself alot of money and labor,and dropping in the b-series.