H22 Swap Into EG


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Ok, i understand the whole swapping the engine in part, its pretty basic cept its a tight fit

One problem though the tranmission i know is cable type linkage instead of rod type, where in the hell on the firewall or shifter column do i cut to make this work.

Ive seen in Honda Tuning that they said you can cut one of your wiring harnesses, im figuring its the one going to your cluster and stereo.

I need help badly please post if you got any answers
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These transmissions use cables instead of linkage. The shifter mechanism and cables from these vehicles may be used, 90 up Accord 5spd or 92 up Prelude 5spd cables and linkage. This will require some cutting and drilling.

anymore than that, i can't give you. I've never done an h-series swap... and for good reason


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i was going to post pictures for you homie, but then i realized that was a BAD IDEA because they are out of sportcompact car, so if you throw me your email addy or whatever i'll send them to you- i scanned them for you alreayd so gimme a holla


The cut can be made below the firewall and ran underneath the stereo and shifter console, or you can do it the easisiest way which is just to make a cut 10 to 12 inches from the front of the shifter box. Its alot easier than what the Sept. issue of Honda tuning stated.