H22 Type-S (Red Top) Swap into EK9 ?!

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Hey guys..
I seem to have a made a booboo :[ .. to start with, I have an ek9 sedan. I was running an all motor d16 with a crower cam + srp pistons, tuned with hondata. All was well till I blew it with nitrous (it was the mechanics fault :P..dumb !@#$ put a 150 shot nozzle instead of 50)

anyhow. Its hard to find a decent engine where I am and I came across an H22 red top at a shop. It was the only one available in the entire city. I googled on my phone, read the specs i.e 217 hp, 163 tq, and thought should be as fast as a k20a for half the price (was I wrong?)

anyway, I paid the guy, brought the engine to my mechanic (not the same one who mistook a 150 shot nozzle for a 50 :P) and hes gonna get around to it in a few days. Only problem is..
I just read online that the H22A Type-s engine has some ATTS crap or whatever and that this transmission simply wont work in civic :[ !

I called the mechanic (hes installed regular H22's in tons of ek's as well as other b18s and b16's). I told him about the ATTS, and he said not to worry. I fear he may not know what he is talking about. Is it possible to disable ATTS? replace with regular LSD? or will i need to search for a different transmission altogether? which is gonna be an immense headache. I will not be able to sell this engine off as there are pretty much no buyers for it here.

anyway at all I can get around it?

to add further insult to injury, I asked this guy who was running this engine in a prelude (different city) about the figures his car was making. His reply "well my engine was in excellent condition when I got it, very low mileage and It made 150whp)..

150 wHP!?! out of a 2.2L type-s?! thats about as much as the regular H22's here make? between 150-155 whp. Shouldnt a Stock type-s make as much as a K20A ? albeit torqier ?

I would appreciate any help at all, I'm a newbie to dohcs and have managed to get myself into a jam by my impulse buying. :[.. I jsut wanted a stock motor for daily driving that was at least 165-170 whp, what kinda ridiculous powertrain loss is it for a 217 bhp engine to be making 150? my all motor sohc made 137 :[ !

thanks in advance for absolutely any advice you may be able to offer me.
i honestly think his either ran like shit and maybe had a non vtec tranny. you should be putting down like 190whp, maybe even more if tuned.