h22 vtec on h23

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flamn accord

Junior Member
ok guys i need some advice i want to put a h22 vtech on my h23 block i need to know what head gasket to buy one for the 92 h23 block or the 97 h22 head i have seen the two and one has more holes than the other .will i have to plug hole or anyhting i really don't know thats why i ask the pros :worthy:


Super Moderator
ask DesertNightEagle. He's the most aquainted H22/H23 hybrid guy on here. I'd guess the H22 gasket, but it's just that, a guess.


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They have a pretty good write up on mad-psi.com for the H23/H22 "vtech" head hybrid.


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if i remember correctly it should be the h22 head gasket, i believe it had something to do with the dowel pins, its been like 2 years since i did that part. the bore is the exact same so that wouldnt matter really.