H22 Wire vs Shifter..

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So..as topic says , what "shifter" can i use to get this prop working?

Is there any big diffrents between all this H22 ludes from 92-01 ?

I got this H22 JDM lude engine with a 5speed LSD gearbox...most of the parts i got avaible is EDM modells

Will the shifter from a EDM Honda Prelude -98 2D Coupé 2,2i VTi 5gear work??


Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jun 28 2005, 05:31 PM
check this out:

[post=517365]Quoted post[/post]​

Well it didnt say so much about how solveing the shiflinkage problem , i need to know which car i can take the whole "shift mechanism" , i got the shift linkage intact boltet to the engine so..just the "inside" car stuffs..

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I got this "shifter" from a junk yard nearby , its from a Prelude 2,3 Coupe



I hope it will work..look the same though.. :huh:


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that is the linkage for it i seen it on other threads, i still want to know how that works getting it in to gear and all i have not seen it first hand


Well now the shifter is there and it seems 100% ok so far , the gears slides in perfectly

I cutted out a square hole and looked so i got enough clearance for the shifter , then we cutted a smaller hole about 2 inch x 2 inch 18inches away from the center of the shift mechanism , it went out realy great!

So..now im a step closer..:)