H22 Wiring In My Civic

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Hey guys, I am swapping a H22A into my 92 Civic CX and I read that some wiring needs to be converted or altered, like add knock sensor, egr valve, egr solenoid, convert to 4 wire 02 sensor, if this really something that would be hard for me to do, I would think it would be as simple as taking the prelude harness attaching it to the engine and then the ECU, but what do I know???

Or do you guys recommend that I send it to HCP Engineering for $170 or Hasport for $299 :angry: to convert it,

If I can save the $$ and do it myself I would because it does not sound to tideous
Any help would be appreciated it, thanks guys

Imports Kick ass, no matter what anyone says!! :D


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it is simple. You just have to know what your doing.. i got a write up that i can give you. But I'm not on my computer right now.. gimme your email addy if you want it and ill send it to ya when i get on my computer.