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ive looked and im still not sertain. i want to knwo what i will all need to put an h22 in my del sol. i have a b16 in it righ tnow. i can get my hands on an h22 engine and tranny , motor mounts and wiring harnes... waht else will i need? plese help lol
turboing the b16 is cheaper than an h22?
how much woudl it cost to turbo it becasue some guy said he would sell me an h22 engine trans and wiring harness for a grand.
you still need mounts, axles, ecu, linkage, etc. basically another $500+ in parts.

you can turbo for less than $1500. but it doesn't sound like you really know too much about hondas. I suggest that you just save your money and read around to get some more knowledge before you make a large investment like that.
its not taht i dont knwo alot about hondas. ive done a few d series swaps jsut not much with b series or h series and im eager to learn. i dont know everything but im just not familiar wiht turbos. sry to bug u guys im not trying to b a pain im just trying to learn what i can. thanks
i have considered a turbo tho adn if you have any ideas for me let me know. thanks