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I have an 97 prelude and i plan on rebuilding the engine ... replacing all internals and everything and i just wanted to ask for an experts advice... what would be the best things to buy for my engine..


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you tell us your going to "rebiuld" your engine but dont state your goals or intensions for your car....daily driver, track car, turbo, nitrous, SC, allmotor, etc etc etc.....what are you looking for in terms of use and we can better help you....

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Put your exact same pistons back in it, with new rings, and coat the tops of the pistons with a ceramic coating. Then run a 100 shot direct Port NOS setup on it.

There is nothing better for that car than that. And its very reliable, if you tune it.



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is that the same coating on the Type-S pistons? as far as tuning car you be slightly more specific? tuning with the nitrous? or the tuning for the NA applications?