H22a 92-95 Into A 92 Civic Cx Hatch

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Is there anyone who can tell me what all is needed to perform a H22A into a 92 civic cx hatch swap. I am debating doing the H22A, a B16, or a B18 and later adding a turbo.

If anyone can help with this please let me know what is needed.

I know I need the obvious, engine, transmission, ecu, axles ( for the prelude what axles is needed) wiring harness. is there any thing else. I know i have to stay within my OBD also.

Thank you in advance.

I just started using this site and have bought a 92' Civic Hatch that is doing a severe striptease. losing near everything not needed.


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search will help ... u need different motor mounts i recommend hasport, u use the prelude cable shifter, and u can use 90-93 integra axles w/ 90+ accord intermediate shaft. And u put your civic harness on the prelude motor. Other than that.. if you have specific questions.. search.. then ask. Because i wouuld have to type a novel to explain to you what u need.

EDIT: forgot to mention.. you can also use custom axles. for example from driveshaftshop.


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if ur planing on going for boost, dont switch a H22a unless u have soem change left over form the swap, that vtec gets grumpy with boost, he doesnt like it being in his house. jsut a word advice. anyway good luck..........


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thanks alot guys, i am really thinking the H22A. Although my friend suggested possibly going with the typical B16A motor but buy a full front clip and go for a right hand drive swap as well. not sure what the full extent i will go for but doing my homework before so as to be totally happy with the swap.

thanks alot, i love this forum and site its great