h22a accord 94

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hi guys thanx for reply on the other post would like to ask you couple other question(by the way i got the engine mount thx) :)
jdm h22a 95 swap into accord 94
1-the fuel line and return line; would like to know if the fuel line wich was connecting to the side of the fuel rail on the accord can go on the top of the fuel rail of the h22a.(looks like it could fit but wanna be sure). the return line wich goes to the fuel pressure regulator(rubber hose)is to small for the h22a regulator(trying like hell to put it in) but its just too small would like to know what you guys did for it. since you can't change the hose size cause it won'T fit the metal hose wich goes back to fuel tank.

2- is the vaccum hose routing(all of them) is the same from usdm h22a1 vs jdm h22a. cause i got the diagrame for usdm h22a1 but not for jdm h22a. this is why i ask u : seems like the evap was mounted near fuel rail one vaccum hose was going to fuel pressure regulator and the other on the engine side of intake manifold on top of IAC. in my vaccum diagram it evap connect to back of intake and evap canister. so maybe it wasn't EVAP is it??? or is it the vaccum wich is different????? and presure regulator connect the engine side of intake manifold on top of IAC please help !!!!!!!!!!

3-for the computer wiring(might be a stupid question) but when i pulled out the terminal from the computer connector and trying to put them back(wire vtec etc...)they don't stay in cause the small retainer as been push in the terminal so do i have to buy new ones or is there any other way?

4-i had an external coil car i splice the blk/yel with yel(or some like that) and i was wondering why can't i use the jdm cap and rotor. and if i can't use it i gotta use the civic si 2000 CAP and ROTOR????? or any other one???? also i had a remote starter wich was wired to the green(suppose not to care about)wire wich went to the external coil. anyone know were i can weld that wire to make the starter work?(might not be in the right forum!!!) <_<

5-the h22a jdm tranny(m2b4 don'T know for the other) as 3 hole coming out of the tranny; 2 i think for the power steering speed sensor coming out of the vss itself. so my question is what do i do with those 2 hole since i don't have variable assistance power steering like the prelude does. do i just leave them like that since there's no p/s oil going trough?????? the other hole with a metal braket is coming out of the top of shifter box(when you look at the tranny the shif linkage is attached to the 2 pivot arms wich end up a little higher than the tranny itself) would like to know what i gotta do with this hole what's purpose???

i guess if you guys can answer all these questions i'm gonna be up to run my car very soon thanx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :worthy:
You ask a lot of questions.

1. I'm not sure what you are asking here. There is a vacuum hose coming in on the passenger side of the regulator, and a large return line coming out of the drivers side and going down back toward the tank. Your fuel line should fit on there just fine. You could also trade fuel rails, which many people do.

2. Just route your hoses as close to stock for your car as you can. Switch your EGR to your engine if the wiring is different. This is a no brainer. All drains lead to the ocean kid. All of the ports on the intake manifold are vacuum. If you correctly attach all of the mystery box hoses, then start plugging in the other stuff, you'll be fine.

3. Once again, I don't know what you ask. Did you pull out the wires and leave the pins in the harness? If you did, then you will have to pull them out. The harness spreads to aid this action, as will a little screwdriver. I usually rob ECU harness ends from the junkyard and salvage pins with wire leads still attached.

4. If the cap fits, use it. There are a lot of overlapping parts in that area. You must use either an H23 or H22 distributor, but it doesn't matter which, or if it's internal or external. The cap must match the housing, and whether or not the coil is internal or external.

5. I haven't touched one of those, so I won't pretend to know.
use the accord fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator then you dont have to worry about the hose connecting it the fuel return.

95 civic sohc cap and rotar

dont know about the tranny use the h22 tranny

vaccum diagrams are the same