H22a Accord Downpipe Q

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we just finished puttin' the h22a in to my friends accord.. its a 1994 model 4door sleeper.. anyways.. the question is we got the motor in but we need a downpipe.. we got the headers now all we need is the downpipe to connect the headers to the stock exhaust piping from the h22a?? anybody know where i can get one online or does anybody have one.. i wanna get this as soon as possible (ASAP) so i can drive this baby out in town!!!!!!


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inline 4 cylinder motors have a header, there is only one, but if i was you i would have the car towed to your local exhaust shop and have them fabricate something. i dont know of any manufactured pipes


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i ran into this problem on my prelude when i dropped the h22a in there, i personally just got a dc ceramic coated header, fixed the problem right up :) good luck finding that h22a downpipe, i sure as hell couldnt locate one near me.


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use your accord down pipe, and take it to a shop so they can make a flange to connect the space between your header and accord down pipe, should only cost around 25-35 dollars


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I got lucky myself. :p I found a downpipe on Ebay for $10.50, and the guy only lived an hour and a half away, so I saved on shipping. It was a good move, because he had done the swap already, and helped me with some of the details. I just bolted up my H22A tonight. I have already swapped harnesses and stuff too, but I still need to wire those VTEC peices to the new ECU, and tidy up a buttload of loose ends.