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I have an 99CX and I am in the working of putting an H22A in it, I would like to run a 50-75 shot, my question is will my fuel be ok??? I plan on swapping the fuel pump, but will everything else be sufficient?? Will it be able to supply enough fuel to use nitrous and not run lean?

Also, will I need a fuel injector resistor pack in my swap???
yes you should be allright fuel wise.. and yes you need the resistor pack, unless you feel like frying your ecu
your fuel will be fine...

97+ prelude injectors are saturated, as are the 99CX.
the 92-96 'lude injectors are peak and hold, and then the resistor will need to be used.
k, where can I get a resistor pack?? what exactly is it??? and what does it hook up too?