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Ok, I have decided to pull the b18b outta my 95 DX Sedan. I wanna throw in an H22. Just wanna make sure I get all the right parts.

1. H22 Motor, Tranny, ECU
2. Motor Mount Kit (Hasport, Place Racing, Etc.)
3. Wiring Harness Conversion
4. Axles***

Does all that sound about right? Anything else that I would need to get or to do to those components to make sure everything will go right in and run well? Thanks...all the info on this swap you guys can give me will be helpful!!!

***Checked out this website and they have custom axles there for hybrids...
---->www.driveshaftshop.com Do you guys recommend anywhere else to get axles??

Thanks for everything!!!
Someone makes a kit to convert from a solid link shifter to a cable shifter, I can't remember what company right now. You will need it though. I am sure someone else knows the company that I am talking about.
1. yes
2. i recommend hasport.. good shit.
3. do you mean buy one, like on hasport.com?? you dont need to buy one.. but you will need to modify your wiring harness.
4. Axles. If you use the hasport kit. You use a combo of 90-93 accord intermediate shaft and 90-93 integra axles.
5. You do need to change your shifter to a cable shifter. I dont know what lsvtec is talking about. Unless he is referring to the placeracing shifter box, but you dont NEED this. You have to cut a hole in your floorboard so the cables can reach the shifter, and use a 93+ prelude or 90+ accord shifter w/ its cables.
6. Not all swaps come with this but you will need the resistor box for your fuel injectors.
7. You can get your axles at DSS. its all a matter of preference. Some people swear by DSS, some people swear by using the accord/integra combo.
8. slim radiator fan (FAL), again. NOT a necessity, but if you dont get it, you have to do some ghetto cutting up to your stock radiator fan.
9. 1992 Integra LS Upper Radiator Hose
10. 1994 Del Sol VTEC lower radiator hose

i probably left some info out.. this is just what i can think of off the top of my head. If you have any other questions.. just search and ask :P. And.. if i can remember anything else ill post it up..hope this helps..
i did remember one other thing.. im assuming you dont have a/c. so your going to have to take off the a/c if it comes with the swap. if it doesnt your in luck and you dont have to take it off the motor...but you are going to need a different alternator belt, because the alternator belt will be too big and loose. and preludes never came w/o a/c so you have to get another alternator belt from another car and put it on and make it fit. BUT if you have a napa auto store.. give them this Alternator Belt Part No. 25-060370 and that one will fit.

and if i remember anything else.. ill keep it coming..
i did, but what i meant was do they sit in the same place o rdo u have to relocate them?
the hasport mounts replace the stock mounts. the bolt to the motor in the stock place, and the chassis in the stock palce. since they are different sizes/shapes/positions, it sits the motor KINDA in the most ideal place. I say kinda 'cuz the h22 is too tall for a civic... it sits lower than a d or b series would in order to clear a stock hood.... and thus, the axel angle is different... and thats why h-series swaps with power break axels all the time
ok i know this might be a dumb question but im new to the honda world. is there a difference between the american version and the jdm? or r the engines pretty much the same?
i was talking about the h22a motor or what ever motor that was in the 93ish prelude si. i think it was the h22a, but i want to know if there was difference between the american engine or getting an engine shiped/imported to me.
The H23 came in the Prelude Si's. 2.3L non-VTEC.

The H22 that came to us in the states for that gen Prelude had 190hp. The JDM version had 200 and some extra torque.
Question.. due to the added weight in the front of the car I believe it's what 180lbs more than the stock d series of a 92-95 civic. Would this cause handling problems? Is there a way to correct this if so and or any suggestions.
yes it causes more understeer
yes it is fine for normal around town driving with suspension work
no it will never handle well under hard cornering (autoX, road course, twisty back roads)
Originally posted by Evol@Jan 15 2003, 11:10 PM
Question.. due to the added weight in the front of the car I believe it's what 180lbs more than the stock d series of a 92-95 civic. Would this cause handling problems? Is there a way to correct this if so and or any suggestions.

The difference is no where near that,more like 80lbs (if that) and today I came across a link of a guy with a video of him autocrossing a H22 coupe.Unfortunatly for some reason I couldn't download it to link it but it is in Honda-Tech if anyone wants to search for it.