h22a ecu codes how do i find em?


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ummm first start by gettin the p13 ecu that you need that p14 is gonna do u no good because it wont activate the vtec...so there is really no point in diagnosing the problems with that ecu, as there is no point in driving it with that ecu either because you will not experience the true power


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You jump the service connector and count the engine light blinks. A Chiltons manual will tell you location of that jumper, and how to read the blinks.


well i used that ecu becouse with my car being a 92 lude it has a wiring harness for a external coil. i had to use the coil and dist, from my h23 as far as the v tec i bought a v-afc to run it


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That VAFC is useless unless the ECU is made to run VTEC. Buy a P13 JDM ECU for manual or auto whichever the case may be.

You may still read the codes except for VTEC with your current ECU. BTW, you probably are making less power right now that with your stock H23. Get the right ECU if you want to utilize what the H22 has to offer. Less than $200 delivered on EBAY.