h22a engine parts list

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does anyone know where to find a parts list for a h22a
i need to know what all i need
From a crappy crappy shop in Washington called JDM Engine Dynamics. They charged me too much, jerked me around, and when I tried to collect on their startup guarantee, they wouldn't return my calls or emails. I got it for $2400, plus $250 freight and plenty more on broken parts.
I think I'll just steal the next JDM Prelude I see in town.
Oh wait, I live in the middle of nowhere (aka Montana)
But I did see a nice 350z today.
like just a stock parts list like everything that is needed to make it go

i have a block and head and i'm basicly starting from there and yes i'm gonna do aftermarket but i just want all the part names and maybe a diagrahm to start with
So you've got a bare block and bare head, and you're looking for the rest of the parts you need?

If that's the case, a call to your local Honda parts dealer might be a better bet. The list is going to be gigantic. Unless you want to wade through the lists and diagrams at hondautomotiveparts.com yourself, picking out what parts you need, then a parts guy at a Honda dealer will probably be able to help you out the most.
yea i was gonna do that but just been to lazy to pick up the phone does it matter weather its a jdm motor or not
There are a few subtle differences between the USDM and JDM, but nothing crazy. The biggest difference is probably the fact that the USDM H22's have an external coil distributor, while the JDM have an internal.
that is a honda based website and surely will let you look up what is needed if you are assembling eng stock, but prices are OUTRAGEOUS, and the list is just that a list. it wont teach you anything and is NO garuntee that you will have all you need