H22a in 97 Civic wiring help

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New Member
I recently bought a h22a and put it in a 97 civic im having trouble with the wring harness.. Any suggestions?? I've looked online to look for a plug and play harness but can't seem to find one. I ran my 97civic harness with the stock d16 ecu and it started but now i switched the d16 ecu to a p28 and now it wont start...


New Member
With the P28 ecu it should be chipped with the H22a ecu tune onto the chip. If anything swap back to the stock ECU for the car and drive it until your ready to make the H22a push more power. I ran a D15b7 stock on a 97 GSR ecu for a while. It did great, till I bust a hole In the oil pan and spun a rod from railroad track jumping.