H22a In Eg6/ek9 With A/c And P/s?

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im planing on selling my integra and get a 92-95 hatch or a 96-00 hatch.. after that im planing on getting an H22A swap because itll be a daily driver.. no autocrossing, pro solo.. etc.. just a occasioanlly runs at the tracks... and the only mods would be kept minimal.. intake and exhaust with a nitrous kit.. so the questions are :
1) whats the average cost on a H22A? USDM im sure is more than $3000 and i have about $2500 or so, so most likely a JDM motor.. i would like a price on the 92-97 USDM Vtec and any JDM ones.. ive searched through alot of sites and links from hondaswap and found mostly B series and if they did have a H22A its an email quote.
2) any known swaps with minimal modifications to keep a/c and p/s? i would really like to keep those because around here.. summer temps can reach 120 and powersteering because im a skinny asian guy with nonmuscular arms :D
3) lastly, any must "have parts/things i must do" to have it fit without any hassle? planing to get complete changer over... from the oil pan up, with ecu, shift linking, etc.. and a HPC or HASport mount kits.

thanks a lot for the comments/advice in adanvce


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The swap won't be that expnesive. I've seen them on the net for under $2000 for the complete swap.

Ask Hybrid Revolution or some of the other sponsors on the site to see if they have any in stock.

The big thing will be the mounts. The HASport mounts claim that they will let you keep your PS and AC (I think, read the description) but this means no turbo (but it doesnt look like you were planning on that anyhow.)

This is (from what I've heard) with the mounts, a not so hard swap.
The H22 does weigh 70 lbs more than a B18~ so you might look into a battery relocation kit or CF hood for a little weight balancing, but since it's daily driver / non auto-x car, I wouldn't worry about it to much.

If you're not going to install it yourself, the work might cost a bit also.
I'd try to find some swap members around your area who have some knowledge on swaps (if not an H22, just general swap experience) and see if they will give you a hand droping in the motor.