h22a swap bolt-ons

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i have an 94 accord lx with the f22b engine . all i put on the engine is a set of header , cold air intake , and a tanabe catback exhaust system . i was planning to do an h22a motor swap into my accord . however im not sure if i can still use my headers , intake , and exhaust system since it is being put into the accord . will i be able to keep all my bolt-on parts or will i have to throw them all out and buy a set of new bolt-ons for the h22a motor ?! id really appreciate the help .
You'll be able to use your intake without any modification, and your exhaust will have to be cut and welded to fit the H22 header. You will NOT be able to use your Accord header.
thanks dohcvtec . butt i was wondering . what if i purchased a header for the h22a motor and an exhaust system for the body frame of the prelude . will the bolt-ons fit perfectly on the frame of my accord or will i still have to cut and weld the exhaust ?! i just want to know the possibilities for my knowledge .
You can use the H22 header on your car but keep your exhaust! You will have to have someone cut and weild your existing exhaust to meet up with the H22 header!
i was wondering . if i do the h22a motor swap into my accord . will it fit right into my accord auto tranny . i know that if i use the auto tranny i will be losing a lot of power from the h22a motor . butt i just like driving with an automatic because of the luxury . or can i swap out the auto tranny for another auto or manual tranny . someone told me i can use the tranny off of another car . i was also wondering how much power i would be losing if i used an auto tranny with the h22a instead of using a manual tranny .
It's tough to say how much power you'd lose in an automatic vs. a 5-speed. Not only will you lose power through the drivetrain, but you'll also be losing power with the cams. What I mean is, Honda uses less aggressive cams in their auto-tranny engines vs. the 5-speed. I can't speak for ALL Honda engines, but I know for a fact that both the H22 and B16 behave this way.

Anyway, I think you'd still have to do some cutting and welding to get the H22 header to match your exhaust. The Prelude exhaust isn't the same run as the Accord exhaust (I don't think). Don't bother spending money on the Prelude exhaust.

As for the auto-manual tranny swap, that's a project you don't want to undertake. Lots of headaches and lots of cash.
If you have an in with a shop that does the auto to manual it won't be too bad, but if you do not then it will be expensive, you might want to consider buying a stock 5 speed and returning the auto to stock and selling it.
I know Calesta had a really good experience with Intercrew doing his auto to manual, if you live in that part of Texas you should look into them. If you do not I think that changing cars is your best option.
well which manual tranny would be a better swap for the h22a motor swap for my accord . do ya think that i should use the manual tranny from the stock accord or the stock prelude . or are both of the manual tranny the same ?!
No they're very different. The Accord tranny is geared very long, and is not very strong. The Prelude H23 tranny is a stronger tranny, but is stilled geared long and is ideal for a boosed engine. The Prelude H22 tranny is geared pretty short and is ideal for N/A applications.
thankz . all this new information is making me more interested into doing the h22a motor swap . even though i have the knowledge of doing a h22a motor swap . i just dont have the experience . i would like to know if any of ya ever did an h22a motor swap into your car . is it possible to do the motor swap yourself or would you have to let the shop do it ?! well if ya ever did do the motor swap yourself . give me a rating from 1-5 on the difficutly . 1 being simple and 5 being difficult . i just need an idea of what i would be getting myself into if i did the swap by myself or with some friends . oo give me some feedback or the rating on the motor swap and the tranny swap .
Remember, the Search Button is your friend. :D I think there are other topics as well around here discussing the H22 swap into an Accord. Just do some looking.
I did the swap in a weekend with two of my friends. A few headaches, some extra cash, and now I've got 55 extra horses (stock).
Sport Compact Car listed the ease of the swap as a 1 on a scale of 1-5. It was one of only two swaps that received the "1" rating.
Originally posted by dohcvtec_accord@Oct 24 2002, 06:38 AM
What I mean is, Honda uses less aggressive cams in their auto-tranny engines vs. the 5-speed. I can't speak for ALL Honda engines, but I know for a fact that both the H22 and B16 behave this way.

Same for the D16A8(ZC). Just so you can add that one to your deffinate list.