H22a Swap Into Accord

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I did the H22 swap into my 95 Accord Ex and my engine runs but it runs rough. COuld that be because the exhaust is not hooked up and so there is no O2 sensor?


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I'd say that is probably part of it at least. I think you need to list more information before getting a good answer. Is that the only wire left to connect? Did you change ECU's to get the right one for the engine? After learning all the specifics, more people on this forum may be able to be of more assistance, good luck. :)


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Yes, not running an O2 sensor will cause your car to run rich.

Also, did you switch pins A6 and A11 at the ECU? Do this AFTER getting your O2 sensor hooked up.


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Silly question, did you double check your firing order on the distributor cap, and make sure you were starting with #1 top dead center? How rough is the engine running? I'd hook up the exhaust and the O2 sensor, and check to see how bad the situation is. Also, if your H22 sat around for a long time, you might have some plugged injectors from the old gas.
By all means, enjoy yourself.....


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mine does the same thing but only sometimes i thought it was from the wet nos


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I dont want to start a new thread but I have a question about an issue I've been having with my 94 accord with JDM H22 swap.

Basically, the car cranks up, no issues, pulls hard, but...when I am driving, if I run the A/C it starts to overheat, even with an anftermarket Visteon Radiator. I took it to my mechanic and he told me that most people who mate the H22 swap with an aftermarket radiator usually dont have a working A/C in their car as they remove that and the power steering.

What you guys think?