H22a Wiring Harness For My Swap

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hello all,

i am about to start my H22A swap into my 92 Civic CX, and I am lacking a wiring harness
can someone tell me where I could possibly get one besides the junkyards (local) because they dont either have it or know what I am talking about. But that would be the only thing I need left. And also I have read that I need to modify the harness to fit, I am going to use a p28 ecu chipped with a Skunk 2 program.

What do I need to do?? to make this work on this ECU and engine.
I would think it would be as simple as connecting the harness to the engine and running
it down to the ECU, but what do I know??

I know I have to make it to 4 wire 02 , no biggy there, add egr valve and egr solenoid, knock sensor and air intake bypass valve- that I dont know anything about. So if someone could help I would really appreciate it , cause after getting the harness I would hate to waste money if I did not have to and send it to Hasport or HCP which would cost $170-300 for them to do something that does not seem very tideous at all to do, any help would be appreciated

dont run a p28 on that. the h22 has secondairies on the intake manifold that can only be activated by the h22 p13 or the p72 gsr ecu, with the h22 p13 being ideal.

you will loose 15 horse easy throughout most of your powerband if your iab's are closed for it all, block air flow.
the P28 can not support the secondairies on the intake manifold.... it doesnt know what they are ... it doesnt have the slightest clue what to do with them so it ignores them (they stay closed).... thus you lose air flow.... without the proper air flow you will not produce the full power of the engine