H22a With H22 Lsd Into 90 Accord Ex?

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Ok I've read through most of the posts on this forum and in the future I plan to have a H22a with a LSD manual tranny put into my 1990 Accord EX Automatic sedan. Anyway, just a few questions. I know I want the JDM H22A but eventually I will want to boost this engine so what LSD tranny should I get?

One more thing, does the swap replace the axles as well or do I use the same stock accord axles?

Also, I have a shop local here in Portland Oregon area that will do the swap for around $ 700 or so. Does that sound like a fair deal?

Anyone in Portland Oregon area have suggestions for swap shops in Oregon?

I'd do the swap myself but low on time and don't know any experienced mechanical Honda buddies in Oregon :(

Either stick with the stock H22A tranny and put a Quiafe LSD in there (if you're just getting a base JDM H22A), or get yourself a Prelude Type S tranny which has a factory LSD in it. Actually, you'd be very happy with a full Type S engine and tranny (220 hp, LSD factory tranny) if you could get your hands on one. :)

I think you can use your stock axles. I know in my generation (94-97) I used my stock axles with the Prelude halfshaft. The 90-93 Accords are very similar.
ditto on the stock axles. and 700 sounds fair for oregon..lol. shit they could probably get away with 1000. out here in norhern cali they charge anywhere from 750 - 1000ish.
Thanks for the replies :) Yeah I'd like to get ahold of an S engine! Is that what they are putting in the accord type R or SiR or whatever they don't export to the US just to make us mad :P jealous of their engines?