H22a1 --->91 Accord Ex Coupe

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I wrecked my 93 Lude VTEC so I am gonna slap the motor in my accord. I was just wondering how much crap needs to be swapped? (radiator, resistor, cruise control, ps...etc) What are the necessary parts to be changed other than the motor, ecu, and fuel system? :blink:

Hep meh! :huh:


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motor, ECU, and VTEC wiring.

That's all you need. Though I would recommend using your Prelude tranny to take advantage of the high-revving H22

On a side note, [RANT] why is the Prelude/Accord forum always so empty?[/RANT] The guys in here could wait days for an answer to their question, unless dohcvtec_accord answers them(which he does quite often, thank god).

Anyway, I'm just kidding, I am well aware that Preludes/Accords are the unorthodox, yet more refined, players in the Hondaswap game; And as such, they must suffer the consequences. B)


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Originally posted by nuc79@Apr 9 2003, 02:40 PM
unless dohcvtec_accord answers them(which he does quite often, thank god).


paragus and BlackJDMdeath are in here quite a bit, although you're right, no one wants to mess with the growling beats that are the H-series engines. :D


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does the accord tranny fit on the prelude? in reference to above reply. " only motor ecu and vtec wiring needed for swap"
I am gonna leave the Prelude gearbox attached to the motor. I had installed an ACT street/strip clutch with the HD pressure plate...so now my Accord will be able to launch like my 'lude did.

It's gonna be SCHWEEEET!!!