H23 head and internals in a f22 block

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Hey everyone I am new here and I haven't been able to find the information I have been looking for anywhere on the internet... I have 2 complete engines a F22b1 out of a 95 accord and a H23a1 out of my 95 prelude... The H23 block is hurt and needs sleeves, the head on the F22 is shot but save able if I want to put new valve seats and guides in it. What I want to do is bore out the f22 block the 3mm to make it a 2.3l throw the h23 head on it and add boost... I have a list of parts that I know I am going to have to get I am just wondering if I have forgotten anything...
I know I am going to need
1. New crank
2. New cams
3. H-beam rods
4. Some nice forged pistons
5. Bigger injectors
6. Remapped ECM
ECT... I am mainly looking tosee where I should go and what brandsI should try to use and what ones I should stay away from
Thats a lot of meat to remove from the F22 cylinder walls you'd likely have to sleeve it in which case you're better off repairing the h23.
repairing h23 would be way to go or getting another as @Xanatos mentioned, Welcome to Hondaswap ! I recommend making this a build thread with some pictures of your car and what we are working with its a great way to document your progress and get more input
People have put H23 heads on F22Bx and F23Ax engines before. There is some modification required, such as blocking a couple of superfluous oil drainback holes in the head, swapping an H-series waterpump pulley on, modifying the water tube, and a few other things.

The question is, how much power are you trying to make? If the crank and bearings are in good condition, you don't need a new crank. Also, you probably don't need cams either. A good tune is a definite need, and forged pistons and rods are a nice plus. Instead of spending money on the crank and cams, get an LSD and good tires.
I am not really shooting for a specific number, I am more doing this to satisfy my curiosity and shut a few people up I am going for a car that is good in a drag but still have great cornering ability... Almost thought about getting the stuff for 4ws
I am not really shooting for a specific number, I am more doing this to satisfy my curiosity and shut a few people up I am going for a car that is good in a drag but still have great cornering ability... Almost thought about getting the stuff for 4ws
if we are talking about drag racing and cornering you honestly just need to save money and get another chassis, and not being rude but will come out cheaper on the deal and have a better engine making more power if you just bought a complete jdm h22 or even a healthy usdm h22 and call it a day, and also bottom line how much power you want to make and how much $$$ you want to spend plays a huge factor in how the build should go , we are talking about a 160hp 3000lb car it is going to take more than a dohc head on a f22 block to win drag races even with aftermarket pistons and rods (not even going to touch base on cost of quality turbo setup and tuning 110% not even going to touch base on 4ws either) then you are looking at another 1k in suspension and a new wheel/tire combo, as far as what parts to stay away from ? generally speaking most products when it comes to pistons and rods you can pretty much bet you are going to get a quality product from any big name manufacturer as long as you are avoiding the cheap stuff should be fine, but like I said after the cost of repairing/overhauling a engine not even counting if you wanted to rebore/and pistons/rods/tuning/injectors (might as well forget about injectors if you are going to run 93 octane the stockers will be fine you arent turbocharged/cammed/high comp) you are looking at cost of build < buying low miles swap with warranty and make same power, also have you ever built a engine before ? if not I would recommend paying a professional to at least assemble the short bloick which labor can be pricey most performance shops charge $500 plus just for shortblock assembly and we arent even talking about balancing etc, soo literally what you are talking about spending on a 95 prelude you could go easily buy a used RSX Type-S , AP1 S2000, 06 and - Civic Si for example and start off with 40+ more horsepower off the rip without touching a thing and go from there and have some modern creature comforts like AC, better suspension out of the box, better brakes out of the box, better interior out of the box, and everybody and their mama makes performance parts for them, or if you wanted to go even cheaper you could just buy a NICE Prelude already thats got a h22 and modify it
EX: for less than you are talking about spending you could have a 01 Prelude with AC and 40 more horsepower and clean paint and interior for what you were talking about spending alone on a engine assembly and tuning after all said and done

But if you are curious about the h23 head on f22 block heres little info I could find


everything stated above is strictly my opinion
As far as having to sleeve the f22 block I have already started boring it... The cast iron sleeve from the factory is more than thick enough, they must have used the same sleeve for the f22 and for the f23...
I have built quite a few engines, everything ranging from motorcycles to massive diesels... as far as the machine shop costs go I won't have to worry about them because we have all of the stuff here to do everything... Boring bar, line bore machine, rod resizer, head resurfacer, anything you can think of we have the tools for. The only reason I am asking for help and information is this is the first honda I have built and the main reason for my choice of main parts is I only have like 250 into a rust free prelude that snapped the timing belt at 74k miles
well since I already ranted yesterday im going to leave it be, sounds like you got it figured out and good luck, make a build thread for the prelude ! but again keep in mind cost of putting 2 used engines together to make 1 160hp motor vs cost of buying a h22 and have 200 hp... keep it simple