H23 In 94 Accord Lx

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I got a 93 or 94 H23 Engine, but I got the problem the for the wiring, some of the connectors are not fit in the accord, and the position of the connector is difference too. Please give me some advice. I need some help, thanks.
The wire harness is difference for the OBD1 and OBD2 engine? Because I know the engine is 94 H23, I think is OBD1. The problem is all the connector of the sensor for the prelude is all at the pressanger side, but my accord, i got three of each connector at driver side and pressanger side. I heard from some body if it is same OBD1 computer, then i just directly plug in, but I can't. So if this is OBD2 computer, what can I do to fix this problem.
Are you trying to use the wiring harness from the Prelude? If so, that's your problem. It came from a JDM Lude, which is RHD. Therefore, everything is backwards for the wiring harness. Just use the Accord harness, you'll have to wire up VTEC and a knock sensor, but it'll save you load of headaches in the end.

Yes, the OBD1 and OBD2 harnesses are different, but it sounds like you're working with OBD1 here. I think your problem is that you're trying to plug all the stuff that's on the driver's side of your engine into the ECU. :)
Oh thanks, and one more thing is when i use the harness from the accord, then i also can work with the prelude ECU, right? Just plug the prelude ECU then will work fine?
My H23 engine put in the car already, and I use back my Accord wire harness to work on it, but I got a problem is the prelude has a knock sensor which the Accord don't. So do I need to connect the knock sensor to the ECU. I am using the prelude ECU in the car.
Can anybody can tell me about which wire need to be change when H23 put in the Accord LX. Because when I check the code, it show the oxygen sensor have problem, then i check for the wire diagram, it shows that one of the wire from the oxygen sensor and the EGR need to switch. I don't know is everything will work fine when these two wire changed. And also want to know which wire need to re-locate too. This problem bother me a lot. Please help.
Yep, you need to switch pins A6 and A11 at the ECU. Make sure you read the pins like this:

1 3 5 7
2 4 6 8

and so on.
So after I change the wire of the A11 to A6. Did I use back my Accord oxygen sensor or prelude oxygen sensor? And can I use back the accord axles?
I'd use the Accord O2 sensor, but I've heard you can use the Prelude. I'm not sure on that, but I KNOW the Accord sensor will work.

You can use your Accord axles but you'll need the Prelude intermediate shaft.
Is the intermediate shaft use to connect the transmission and the driver side axle? If that is the one, I don't think I can use it, because the intermediate shaft of my accord is a hole, it can put the axle head it, but the prelude one is a stick going out, it cannot connect to the accord axle. So I use the intermediate shaft from my accord, but the car is not run like normal, when the car run to 5000 rpm, whole car is shaking. Is it the problem come from the shaft.
I don't know why I exchanged the wire for the O2 sensor (A6 and A11), but there still show the error of the O2 sensor.