h23 into 90 accord

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I have the engine in place im just trying to figure out how to wire the external coil and the knock sensor. im using the harness from the f22. any input would be appreciated!!


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for the dizzy you can rewire it theres a black and yellow wire then a solid yellow one if im not mistaken there is a fourm up on cb7 which shows the wires in a picture http://www.cb7tuner.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=81303 i know its for a f22b but it should be the same dizzy. im doing a f22b dohc swap and i have to do the same thing but i dont have to put a knock sensor in. so im assuming you have everything else wired up i still havent gotten that far on mine cause the axels are being a huge pain but its almost the same swap minus your have vtec im assuming?


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When you get it together i wanna see a video on how it pulls. i was thinking of doing this swap too.