H23 N/A build?

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will h22 type-s pistons work in my '95 h23? i was thinking that it should considering that the bore is the same and the only difference is the stroke. i could get a set from hmotorsonline for $200 shipped.

along with bumping the compression from 9.8:1 to 11:1 i was thinking about pnp the head and getting the intake portmatched as well. then putting in some stage 1 cams and upgrading the valvetrain. does this sound like a nice budget n/a build? i'd like to think i would get 30whp out of that. is that a reasonable expectation or would it be less or more. i know you can't determine that but maybe from past experience you guys would know the approximate gains. let me know what you guys think...
I'm pretty sure it'd work. I wanted to do the same with my H23/H22 hybrid, until I decided to go turbo. Those pistons are great! A friend of mine put 'em in his Prelude (H22) and said he notices a difference. Go for it.
Physically, yes the pistons will fit right in there. Since the deck heights in the h22/h23 are different though, I doubt they would work. Chances are they would end up netting you some thing stupid high like 14:1 or unusable like 7: 1, depending on the difference in motors. If it was a B series I could tell you... I just don't know about the H series. :shrug2:
thanks for the replies. i actually found a post from honda-tech that says the deck heights are the same. the only difference between the h22 and h23 pistons are the compression height with the h22 pistons being slightly taller so i'm thinking that some 11:1 type-s pistons might work in my h23. i might just have to clay the motor and make sure the valves will clear with some stage 1 cams. here's the link to that post...http://www.honda-tech.com/zerothread?id=897315&page=1

does anyone else have any ideas on this subject? i really don't want to have to buy forged pistons just to run higher compression. if that's the case then i just won't do it. i'd like to get this subject cleared up. maybe it will help other people too. thanks :worthy:
If the deck height is the same, the crank has the same stroke, and the rod length is the same, then :yes: you should go ahead and use those pistons. Let us know how it works out, I've always said that non VTEC motors can be just as potent as their lobe switching counterparts with the right build. You will definetly need some serious head work though to see some real power.

Claying the engine is an excelent idea btw, few people take the time to build their motors right. Good luck! :)
the only thing different is the stroke and the compression height of the pistons. that in itself is enough to make the possibility of using these pistons questionable. i guess i'll have to go find someone that has done this before or knows the measurements to figure it out. i just don't think it's worth it to pull my motor out and disassemble it just to find out if it will work or not. oh well. if i ever do it or find out anything else i'll let you guys know.
It should work, but the compression is going to be a little higher than 11:1(maybe high 11 or in the 12s?) because of the bigger stroke and higher compression height.
yeah, i realized that after thinking about it. i'd probably be better off with just the vtec (10.6:1) instead of the type-s pistons. it'd probably put me around 11:1 with that.