h23 possible upgrade

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my name is scott and i have a 96 prelude with a h23 in it. i just have a few questions about the internals of the the h series engine.

i know they make type s pistons for this h23 but is there a differnce in compression with a type s usdm or a jdm or is there even a is it just a type s piston with no specification between?

i plan on doing to my car.

stage 2 crower cams
cam gears
some kind of adjustable cam gears
valve train
upgraded valve train to suport the stage 2 cam
type s
eagle rods h rods or something depends on what i find for the money
h23 stock crank
a piggyback system still need info about that may need some questions asked.
The phrase "Type S" refers to the H22 engine from the Japanese Prelude Type S. They're not after-market, they're OEM Honda pistons. Using those will bump your compression up a bit.

And I'd forget the piggyback and look into a chipped ECU instead...