h23 vtech hybrid procedures

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i just bought a 94 lude with a cracked head. i want to build a h23 v-tech hybrid freak however i am having trouble find step by step procedures, let alone basic procedure details. does any one have a good web-ddress for guys looking to do this type of build up? is there a kit available for the v-tech oil supply etc? i know it is possible just looking for some places to read up about this build! thanks in advance for the info! k


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One of our members has done the swap and will tell you that it is cheaper and easier to just buy an H22 to put in there.


HS Troll...And Mod

A resleeve of the block and forged internals and your all set. If you get an OBD1 you even have the closed block for turbo applications.


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yep, just do a full h22 swap. um, i think there is a sticky with like mad-psi.com or something like that where the guy has written step by step instructions on it. but honestly its not really worth doing.