H23a Block H22a Head Frainkinstien

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Hi guys,

OK I have seen threads about this before but it has not helped my in my decision to put an h22a head on a h23a1 block. I have everything to do this including money I just need some expert advice. This is what I am going to do to the 23 block.
Bore and resleeve to 2.4L , custom forged pistons/rods and aluminum flywheel. Nothing will be done to the head yet.

1. Pretty much would I be waisting my time or would it be worth it cuz my JDM h22a is quick as hell I just dont wanna do this if there wont be an increase of torqe/HP.

2. Will the compresion ratios increase??

3. Has anyone done this??

4. How much horse power do you think I would gain doing thisin your best opinion. (gesstimate)

Thanks in advance guys :rolleyes:
If your displacement is jumping 2/10's of a point, you'll definitely notice an increase in power. However, you'll most likely start dealing with normal problems much like those that come with ls/vtec conversions. Oil consumption, bouncing idle, etc.