H23a Bluetop Swap

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Video of him driving it away

Nice clean build. I will be doing this build sometime this year, would like a little guidance and you seem to be knowledgeable and helpful. I’m going to PM you some pics. Let me know if you would like to help out, at least as much as you can over a forum. I’m a competent builder/mechanic and have a fully stocked garage, thanks .
Had to do some routine maintenance and I wanted to note some things that may help someone down the line.

I refreshed my ignition system today. Parts used...
Distributor cap from a 2000 Civic SI
Distributor rotor listed for a 1995 Prelude SI (VTEC)
Spark plug wires and plugs for a H22a

I had nearly forgotten all of the shenanigans I had to come up with to run my H23a swap on an internal coil system (like the JDM model) because the USDM H22 chassis' vehicles all have external coils. If you have the correct dizzy for the internal coil, you just use a 2000 Civic SI dizzy cap and it bolts right up and works perfect.

Hopefully this helps someone.