h23a+k20 head?

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i got a prelude with a h23a and i need to know if its possible to make it more powerful by putting a k20 head or somewhat??


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No, not possible.

For one, different head bolt patterns. Two, they spin opposite directions. Three, timing belt vs. timing chain. Four, direct ignition vs. distributor.

Just get a K24 out of a TSX and be done.
i am aware of the date for the thread but for anyone else that ask or looks at this...... this is a NO for h23 wit k20 it will not mount at all .... if you want a good setup up use h23 block wit h22 vtec head or better yet f23 block wit k20 pistions (raise compression) and h22 head.. but do your research before you atempt this.............
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