H23A1 92 eg civic swap

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looks like i have recently came in to a 93 prelude H23A1 motor. i was going to put a B18b motor in my eg but now im thinking about useing this motor. just wondering how hard of a swap it will be and what else i would need besides motor mounts, axles, harness, and ecu. is this swap worth it. is it really that much more difficult then the b18 swap thanks in advance
its only difficult if you dont have the engine mount conversion kit,any h or j series tranny. besides the axels and all that stuff. then u need the whole shifter,assembly and shift cables...then u gotta do a little cutting in the firewall and minor fabrication to mount the cable-shifter assembly. i think its well worth it if u have the time...i have a buddy whos in the middle of doing an h22vtec swap into his little 92 civic hatch (eg )just like yours.
not alot of cutting,if u see how its ran in the preludes you will understand what i mean...two 1" or 1 and a half inch holes in the firewall to run the two shift cables to the tranny from the shifter. instead of a rod shifter that runs under the car u have cables that run from the inside. id say its minor compared to trying to custom fabricate the engine mounts...conversion mount kits are available on ebay,thats where my friend got his.