HA Sports new web site

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Ha sport has a new web page, it is way more informative and the have fixed all those dead link that they had on their site. They finally did their much needed improvment. I also spoke to them on the phone yesterday and they said they were going to anouonce a bunch of new products this november including a a hydro to cable trany converter.
Check it out
i do not think it is fully up beacuse i have to keep clicking on the public_html folder to see the site, but very large improvment.
I agree. I saw it earlier this week, and it looked pretty nice. They do still have a few holes in it though.
ya, still dead links, like replacment mounts :( also when you go to just the www.hasport.com you get a directory listing.... they need to hire me for web development :)
Hmm... I got a real page when I loaded it a few days ago. I guess they're still making changes.