happy b-day derek

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18 y0

I thought you were older than that! lol
youngin :)
welcome to adulthood where we don't play....
getting old as sin like every day...
i finally got around to putting those stickers on that you were selling a while back. i bought 2 of them and gave one to my friend. them sits look tight y0... i'll get pics later. i'll be going to the track alot in the spring and my car should be done and get alot of looks so that will give a good name to hondaswap because when i race my future 12 sec. crx, all the people will see is the hondaswap.com sticker fading into the distance.
Originally posted by zueke@Nov 11 2002, 11:22 PM
Happy B-day!!! Finally you can legally buy porn! :D

and man is it worth being 18 for this reason, anywayz happy b-day now go to some damn strip clubs