happy bday E_SolSi!

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Originally posted by Invision Board v.1.0.1 Hondaswap Style@Oct 17 2002, 02:29 AM
1 member is celebrating his/her birthday today
>E_SolSi (25)

happy bday! :worthy: :worthy: (OLD FOLKS)
lol yup im old now ..... fuck it at least my insurance should get cheaper :) 255 a month sucks!!!
holy shit! 255 a month??!!! do u drive a porsche or what?

by the way...ive got you all beat on age! :P you are all youngins to me...and happy b-day mang! get a lap dance from some hot dancer! fuck it...get two or three!
turning 23 on tuesday not looking forward to it i feel old already
Happy birthday !

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Just some Celerity surreality for ya.
The people that didn't actually realize that it wasn't his birthday make me laugh.