Happy Birthday Ga-chan!!!!

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Watanabe Whore!!!
Rest In Peace
The most spoiled dog ever has turned 12 yesterday....so...we spoiled her some more.:p With her cancer last year, we hoped she would make it to 12 years old, now we are hoping she can make another year...;)




the spoilage is from https://www.threedog.com/Default.aspx^_^
Nice! Happy Birthday there!

Our dog Sandy is about to turn 14 in May, she had an emergency hysterectomy a few months ago and we were really worried for a while, but she sprung back and is back to her old self again. She actually improved overall, it's like 3 or 4 years came off. :D
Ga-chan lost 5 years when we did the therapy a few years ago for her hip displasia and major arthritis. She's still pulling us up the hills on the daily walks, and she'll spend hours on end swimming in the lakes...but over this winter, she's had some daily vometing's, like her stomach acid is going wild, so we had to change her diet again...and now she's eating twice a day, gaining weight again, and due to the winter months here, not getting enough exercise....so she's starting to gain a little weight.

We can't wait for warmer weather to take her to the lakes again in the canoe....