Happy/Merry Christmas - What did you get thread

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unimpressed by you
So. Since I'm beating everyone to the punch on this one, as most of you are asleep, I'll get to the point.

Merry christmas!

So, what'd y'all get? I got lots of gift cards, since I'm a hard person to shop for because I just buy the stuff I want when I see it.

In my stocking I got Guinness. So. I'm now enjoying a beer. At 8am. On christmas day.

And, the girlfriend tells me that I'm going to be allowed to buy the Mugen Accord Wagon. Oh baby, oh baby, oh.

I'd say a successful year.
i thought we already had a merry christmas thread?
or is this a "what the fuck did you get, my shits better" thread?
well, i got 2 hams and a 50 dollar gift certificate to safeway.
beat that.
so far:
5x7 picture frame from the grab bag.


xmass sucks when you're old. i want to be like 9 years old again.. thats when you got all the cool shit like new bikes, nerf bow and arrows, disappearing ink squirt guns... you name it.
a shitload of tools,impact gun,drill,sockets,wrenches/gear wrenches,extensions,screw drivers,pliers,drill bits,a "peace pipe" from my grandmother(my family is native american) and some other stuff,actually a good year for me
Mrs. Phyregod. In a big red bow. Santa was happy last night!!

Other than that, Champagne, 6 or 7 random gift cards, coffee, shot glasses, martini bottle mixer thingamagiggers, just a bunch of cool little stuff.

The kids are the ones who scored big. Bicycles, a 14' airzone trampoline, my little ponies, barbies, a craftsman tool set (all plastic, but has a drill, saw, wrenches, screwdrivers, nuts, bolts, rivets, brackets, all kindsa cool stuff..) and a real craftsman tool box to put it all in. When I'm working on something my 3 year old always gets some of his tools out and "helps". And then of course a pile of cash and gift cards from all the relatives.
Don't forget the cars, trucks and tractor, and motorcylcles he also got. I want to be little again and get lots of cool toys. Although I do like getting booze. So being an adult isn't too bad I guess. :)
from the fiance i got new Obey shirt, Element sweater, some pajama pants and that black and decker level.. the Accumeasure one or whatever its called.. still have to hit the other parts of the family, will report back later
a few sweaters, socks and a $100 gift card to gamestop from my parents.

candle from a good friend... and some hot sex.
a 78 ford longbox truck (to use as trade/sell for cash towards next honda), a drill and a circular saw, some movies, books, and boxers...and a bad ass guitar tuner. the fam and i had a very good xmas, the truck made me cry a little...lame i know.

$300 cash
$50 gift card to bed bath beyond,
Expensive candles