Has Anybody Heard Anything About A B16a Si-r Ii?

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I was on this one site, i think it was J-spec auto, its' a JDM site, and i was lookin' in the honda section and saw an engine for a civic, but anyways, it says it's got 170 hp, that's only 10 less than a GSR motor, would that be a better swap for a civic for the money: The B16A Si-R II the engine and tranny, axles, ecu blah blah...... $2345 plus shipping......... the GSR morot and tranny axles ecu blah blah....... $2995 plus shipping? i'm sure i could easlity reach the 180HP mark with few after market parts. So what is a better choice in the long run for the racin' civic?


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With the prices that close I'd spend the extra and get the GSR.Torque is harder to make than HP,so you'd be starting with a better platform.Usually the GSR runs a few hundred more than that,that is a good price.