having issues


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my car has always torque steered pretty damn bad.
well i lowered my car last week.
2 days ago i got the alignment redone.
ever since the alignment when i depress the clutch the steering wheel yanks to the left, then when i let off the clutch after shifting it yanks to the right (normal torque steer)

it never yanked to the left until i got it realigned. now everytime i push in the clutch it does it. its not real hard or forceful, its easily countersteered, but its an annoyance.

any ideas?


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did they adjust your camber also? hondas do not have any adjustment on camber unless aftermarket parts are installed. if so then i would take it to another shop and have them check the alignment. if all is well then im not sure at the moment


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no they didnt do the camber, they said spec was .33 and mine was .26 and .28 something like that. was only a 2-2.5 inch drop and i drive on average 30 miles a week. im not concerned with camber :p

and i dont have a print out. a friend of mine is the manager of big 10 tires and we do all our work after hours using the shop. i traded him cars and he had his suspension guy come in and do my alignment while i was at work so i didnt get any print out.


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could a bad wheel bearing cause this? i think thats what it is. i was told my driver front wheel bearing was going bad.