Head Gasket

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does anyone know the thickness of the stock b18b head gasket?
no i dont think so. if my math is right then that would give it a compression ratio of 9.5:1. the b18b has a comp. ratio of 9.2:1. i think its actully 1mm but i just want to be sure
is that your answer to everything? if i wanted to spend $80 on a book of this information i wouldnt be asking you guys, now would i? i guess i better make my questions easyer for you guys like "dude where can i get those dope clear taillights dude?"
There is no reason to be a dick. A helms is the most useful book you can buy for that car. If you have the calculation set up that figured 9.5:1 compression with a .6mm gasket just put 9.2:1 in and back solve for the gasket thickness. Shouldn't be to hard.
If your numbers for everything else are correct and the forumla that you used is correct then you should already know how thick the stock gasket is.