head swap

well if i were to swap my head off of my cx (d15b8 8 valve) to a d16y7 head what would have to be done? do i need a new ecu ... both motors are non vtec. is there obd issues. thanks


Seems like if you swapped just the head and kept your present injectors and distributor at would work.Not sure which headgasket or timing belt you'd want to use.I had this same question a while back and thought the pistons reliefs would be a problem because going from 8 to 16 valve but was informed that they both had 4 reliefs even the 8 valve.Don't know how much this helps but it's a start.


Sorry,I'm not sure of the exact process.I'm the kinda jackass that would take it all apart and write in when I screwed it up lol
from what i understand i need a timing belt off a d16y7, new gaskets and a new ecu... the ecu i have no clue what to get.. can i keep my cx one or get one off a dx or do i need one off a d16y7, i m not sure. another thing i m not sure about is do i need a new distribitor? if you all remember i just bought oneany help would be great.


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why bother?

the y7 head is a dx head... you will get like 5 more horse.
y7 motor is a 106 hp mine is 70..... the hf artical that chet did seems interesting and i was wondering it its possable to do it to my car without fucking with running vtec shit. this is an idea i m not for sure wanting to do this. all i want to know if this will add hp and what would be needed.


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the y7 is also a 1.6, yours is a 1.5 with lower compression pistons.

you will nto come close to 106 with this head swap dude, sorry. I really think its a waste of time.. jsut get naws :)
naws the shit out of the cx sounds like fun but thats not all the time power :p
What Makes the Power:

Well, if you’ll remember the HF motor has an 8-valve head, which is great for fuel economy and miserable for performance. The 16-valve head will raise compression substantially creating a surprisingly powerful hybrid. Now, what kind of numbers can you expect from this setup? A friend of mine recently used a similar setup and put down 112, 109 to the wheels. With this type of power, look to be pulling on GSR’s, Civic Si’s and even the occasional unsuspecting Type R owner.

this is pure B.S.

112,109 to the wheel, would NEVER pull on a Type-R, not even on a B16A motor.
i had a buddy that owned a 90 si that was beating 99 si's like they were dx's and all he had was a short ram intake and a exhaust. he even beat a dude that had a itr with a gsr motor in it(he bought it front an insurence company with out a motor in so he bought a gsr motor 4 it)
Had a red 91 SI with tons of mods, then i dropped in a ZC.......
sold that, and got a black 91 SI, and then dropped in a B16A...
had a 91 DX, and dropped in a SOHC VTEC.........

non of which could of beaten a GSR/ITR......(the cars i raced were not stock, never got a chance to race a stock car)...

anyways....why waste all that on a motor aiming to beat stock cars??!!!??
why not take it to the nex level....
get somthing that u will really be happy about in the long run.....RSX type S and 03 civic SI's are now out...aim to beat those, if you still have the mind set on beating stock cars.

the itr is a heavy car and the hf is light as fuc..... with the right driver i beleave the hf with those mods can keep up with a itr. my friend had a itr with a gsr motor in it and the 90 si spanked it