Head Swap

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i have a 89 hb dx 1.5 and i changed heads with another 1.5 thats port & polish and everything is line up right but it still won't start. it turns over and everything and back fires sometimes. i have taken the head off a few times and did everything that i suppose 2 over and over and still nothing. i have had techs come over to the house but they r not very "honda experience" so they couldn't help me out much. i mean they knew what they where talking about but still nothing..its like the never ending car that won't run. so if u guys could give me anything 2 help me out and get it running. i know i shouldn't b messing around with this 1.5 but im trying to save for something else. but thanks for ur help
If you say everything is CORRECTLY lined up then you shouldn't have a problem with starting, right? So obviously you don't have everything lined up. Sounds to me like your firing order is off and perhaps your timing also. Double check that; check for fuel pressure and spark most importantly and any loose connections on sensors. Firing order is 1-3-4-2. Let me know after you've checked all that. Good luck!