Header Paint?

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West West Yall
Does anyone make a paint to put on an exhaust manifold? Or would I have to powdercoat it? I was only going going to paint it black.
I had some but i cant remember who made it. Ill look for it and send a link.
I think this is what i had.


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clean the header really well,and use the really high heat shit,it should be ok
Header wrap seems to help out with anti-rusting.

Here is a pic of what mine looks like, damn this is an old pic, before my valve cover and stuff.


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My experience with header paint is, if you always drive the car its not worth it. If you always drive the car, its just gunna burn off, but so will the moisture so the header wont rust too fast. If the car sits a lot, theres no heat to evaporate the moisture so paint would help. Just my .02
Ya really. It's a stock exhaust manifold. I'll cut off the heat shield extensions then just let it rust. I may wrap it though. Idk.
high temp flat black... sandblast it first and it should stick
see if whistlercowboy can help you out..
i think thats his name.
from what ive seen of his work, hes a powdercoating master.
ive heard that header wrap can eventually crack your header because theres no where for the heat to escape to, its all held inside... is there any truth to this??