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will my headers off my h23 fit on to my jdm h22? can anyone please tell me....:confused:
i just got my 92 prlude back.
jdm h22 sir engine
stage 2 clutch
hondata ecu
next week. another header and alum. rad.

also: do i have to get jdm h22 hearder because everywhere i look on line it says WILL NOT FIT JDM....
OH YEAH..... now that i have the jdm h22 my car is a lot less loud. same exhaust. but stck manifold. and they put on a high flow cat.... the only reason i can think its quiter is maybe my cat. was clogged up? does this sound right?
its not gonna be loud if you have a cat if there is plenty of exhaust coming out the back its prolly fine the stock header is also why its not as loud
When i put my header on my h23 it made it a little less loud.
I had a cat on. But i put a high flow cat on it when i had all the work done.