Headlights, Dash, and Heater Control do not work

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Like Subject says...I have a 93 Civic Hatch and well i had re-wired my turn signal on the pass side. Well it was working fine up until last night. I go to turn my car on to let it heat up and i turn my running lights on and my gauges go crazy, my headlight on the pass side went really dim and my turn signal lights stayed on in the dash. So decided to go home like it was, then about to get home. BOOM!!! both headlights go out, my turn signals are the only ones on at this point. Every time i cut the lights off with the switch my left turn signal works good but my right turn signal doesnt, it makes a buzzing noise in the fuse box under the dash. Everytime i either try to turn my lights on or my heater the gauges go crazy the temperature jumps all over the place past the "h" my gas goes all the way up and again my dash lights go out or dim to the point of not seeing anything and turn signals light up but dont blink. Any help would be appreciated.


Sounds like you have a couple wires that are mixing circuits. Gonna have to get in there in the box with a flash light and see if any wires have the shielding broken and arching acorss to other circuits, check the grounds, and otherwise try to trace it out and eliminate possible causes.


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Update...i found several issues...on the driver side i had a bare wire that was stuck to the body, fixed that. Next i had 4 fuses blown all dealing with instrument cluster and headlights both high and low, and on pass side i had two wires touching that were striped off and touching. and blown fuse at the fuse box under the hood a 25a one...not sure what that was for since my fuse box cover doesnt have the diagram...as of now i have fixed it during lunch...i have lights, heater, and dash all in good working order...i appreciate the help