heater control help

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i have a 91 hatchback and removed the interior to the car awhile back, well i did not label any of the cables for the heater controls. so if anyone can help me or knows where i can get a diagram of the cable locations that would be great thanks


for the love of hondas
go to your local parts store they have a haynes manual and buy it , its only $20. or so,it will help u alot with the diagrams on where the wires go. If u still have no luck u can email me at beenerman68@live.com and i'll up load the diagram for u .
i got the haynes manual and it has nothing for the cable locations, thanks for all the info i had honda fax me the pages out of the shop manual. i should of labeled them and took some pics but you only learn from making mistakes.
yea it shows like 2 of them, i had the whole dash, heater core blower motor out of the vehicle, there is 5 cables in all not counting the one on the driver side vent


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so whats so hard??? start boltin' things up and go from there! you took it apart right??is it that hard to remember? i'll help you step by step.step #1.put down BONG step#2. remember how you took it apart,or maybe next time you do this take pictures.or have a parts car layin' around,or have a friend with the same car so you can look at his and figure it out.OH do you not have any friends,what you do? oh they smoke mary J too,those aren't friends dude.
that is so funny, i would have if i did have an integra dash and harness in the car for awhile. but thanks for the help. since ef hondas are so common in my area why didnt i think of that, thats right i did. i could just start bolting stuff back together but to bad the cables dont bolt on, thanks for the advice it was as useful as putting a bandaid on a gun shot wound.