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HEY whats the deal guys unfortunately i AM MAKInG this post because my windw is broke ont the drivers side. I will need to get a new window but I cant get the new window If I dont know how to put it in. I am in Minnesota so when I drive on te E-way its cold as hell. or just drive period.

I finally got the money to get the window and I need some help on how to remove the door panel and install the new window.

thanks in advance guys :wall: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: please help its cold as hell OUT
too hard to explain this way.... just search all over your door for little peices that pry out and shit like that because underneath will be bolts, then you need to pop off your window crank, then take a pry bar and start on the side where it opens, and hit it, there's little plastic clips surrounding the whole door just keep popping all of those off, if the panel hasn't came off yet then there's still somthing holding, just use common sense for figure out what you forgot.... now you gotta get your window at the proper spot so you can see the bolts holding the bracket on the regulator, just look at the vertical bar and just fallow it up
there is a C-clip behind the window roller. Pop it out with a flat screwdriver there are also screws behind the speaker cover. prawjekt is right just unscrew all the phillips heads u find.
yea, after you get all the screws out, just start from the bottom, and yank on the panel. there are little clips behind it that will pop out when you pull on them. start from the bottom tho. as far as installing the window after that, good luck. you just have to figure that one out yourself by looking at it.
according to the chiltons or haynes manual most cars with window cranks the easiest trick to get the cranks off is get a rag and hold the edge tight and pull it underneath the crank, wrap it around and work it off thats the easiest way without damaging things. B)
dude windows aren't hard at all, i wouldn't sweat it, i used to pull them all day at work.... sometimes the brackets are rivitted in but i can't remember if hondas were, but i'm positive they weren't, i think that was a ford thing.
this also is not swap related. moving to misc tech
don't forget the philips' in the door handles. you take them out, and the plastic things they hold in, exposing the empty guts behind them.... before you start prying along the bottom of the door. oh... and it sounds like you're gonna break the thing getting it off those tabs, but just start at one side and pop them out, working your way along the bottom. good luck.
yea ford loves rivet
honda has only two nuts holding window u ill see

roll the window up or down to the holes on the door.
its 10mm
it s alitte tricky to remove the door handle cover
(remove screw and slide forward or backward)
for the c-clip u can buy a special tool from kargen for $5
special tool for door panels is mini pry bars and ect.