Helix Power Tower

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do you guys think if I raise the throttle body 1inch to put a Helix power tower in there it will help or hurt my 1/4 mile time on a turbo'd b20b4?


Senior Member
Its a TB spacer and fulls the IM into thinking it has more plentium volume. Similar to a carb spacer. It also has some grooves cut to get a better vortex in the air.


Senior Member
I doubt you need or want more plenum volume (not that a spacer could account for much). That's why half of the manifolds out there are for the track- high RPM gains. The next point, you are getting little to no "vortex" (I'm assume you mean the tuliping of the intake charge) with forced induction. You don't need perfect world conditions with air patterns because you are over 100% volumetric efficiency. Turbos tumble the hell out of air, but like I said- with boost it doesn't matter.